How to stop cat spraying

My story

I have/had a very big problem with my cat Trixie cat’s inappropriate peeing and spraying.

Our house smells like a giant litter box lol.

And what we did, I just search for new cleaning products, better more expensive ones. It’s like when you are sick and you are treating symptoms but not the cause.

Not gonna lie, that made me anxious, so I joined several pet forums about two months ago, in search of a solution.

Didn’t know what to do else, because vets said it’s a behavioural issue, please give us our 250 bucks. Three times I did that. 🤦‍♂️

One fellow member recommended trying some tricks, to change cat’s behaviour.

My wife did the tasks, but what we noticed, it worked once or twice but not in a long term.

So I asked him is there something else, how he learned that stuff. He said that he was given an online course or product or something to try and it worked.

stop cat peeing

So you are telling me that all sorts of ‘expert’ advice from vets, costing me an arm and a leg could be replaced with some cheap online stuff. Never would believe ya.

I have to tell you I am even more confused now hah, that’s why I am posting this.

It is very nice to be a vet nowadays, because we all have pets, and not all of us are so witty hah.

Hopefully Trixie will be better long term now, and our house won’t smell two blocks down the road.

I will leave you the link I got, and that’s the product we used, the only one that worked. This is their original site.

It is made by Sarah Richards, her job entails prepping animals for surgery and post-operative recovery, and as you can imagine, she treated A LOT of sick, malnourished and mistreated animals during her time in the job.

I was just one of thousands, just read some of the reviews

What will I achieve by purchasing this program?

  • Stop your cat peeing and spraying outside the litter box for good! (This professionally created and proven system will work whether your cat has just started peeing where they shouldn’t, or if they’ve been doing it for years)
  • Create the happy, contented and loving cat you’ve always wanted! (When you have a happy cat, it will be a pleasure to have around the house, rather than a smelly nuisance!)
  • Save huge amounts of money on cleaning supplies! (When your cat is peeing in the litter box, you’ll no longer need to spend money repeatedly cleaning carpets, floors and furniture, saving you hundreds of dollars a year, and possibly more)
  • Dramatically reduce your stress levels! (We all know how stressful it can be when you’re constantly worrying about when and where it’s going to happen next, while cleaning the same spots multiple times can be EXTREMELY annoying)
  • Leave the house with no worries! (Once your cat has been trained to pee where it’s supposed to – and nowhere else – you’ll finally be able to leave the house without worrying about what you might find when you return home!)
  • And say goodbye to inappropriate peeing and spraying FOREVER!

So what are your options now? You can either continue to clean, pointlessly, like we did. Or you can help both yourself and your cat!

I think the success rate is about 99%, thank me later 🙂