How to cope with pet loss grief

Discover the Path to Healing: Overcoming Pet Loss Grief

From the Desk of: John Bash, President of Spring Water Publishing
Written: May 23, 2023

Dear Pet Lover,

At some point in our lives, we all have to confront the heartbreaking loss of our beloved pets.

While others may fail to grasp the depth of our pain, dismissing it as “just a dog,” “only a cat,” or “just a rabbit,” you and I know that the grief we experience is profound and real.

It’s not just the loss of our animals, but also the void left by the absence of their companionship, comfort, security, and love that causes such anguish.

Robin Jean Brown understands this journey intimately, as she faced the painful loss of her cherished companion to brain cancer after a long and agonizing battle.

An Empowering Guide to Help You Navigate Pet Loss Grief

Robin’s ebook takes you by the hand and guides you through the five stages of grief. “How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery” is an active and engaging resource that goes beyond mere reading.

You’ll find practical exercises and self-help activities designed to assist you in processing your pain. Each chapter includes thought-provoking journaling questions, validating the sorrow you feel, while Robin encourages you to craft your own unique story of you and your beloved pet.

Having experienced the profound sadness of losing her closest friend, Robin is a compassionate and understanding guide on this journey.

Breaking Free from the 14 Myths That Hinder Healing

Many people unknowingly harm themselves by suppressing their grief, influenced by various misconceptions. Let’s explore some of these myths together:

  1. Myth: People grieving a pet’s loss are strange.
    Truth: Your emotions are normal and healthy, reflecting deep connections and intimate attachments.
  2. Myth: The loss of a pet is insignificant compared to human loss.
    Truth: The emotional impact of losing a beloved animal companion can be just as profound as losing a close human relative.
  3. Myth: Replacing a lost pet quickly eases the pain.
    Truth: Each pet is unique, and before welcoming a new companion, it’s essential to be emotionally ready and honor the memory of the one you’ve lost.
  4. Myth: Mourning should be a solitary process.
    Truth: Receiving empathy, care, and understanding from supportive individuals can greatly aid the healing process. Choose your support network wisely.
  5. Myth: “Just get over it.”
    Truth: Healing from such a profound loss takes time and acknowledging both pleasant and unpleasant memories is necessary for closure.
  6. Myth: Euthanizing a pet is selfish.
    Truth: Euthanasia can be a compassionate choice to alleviate an animal’s suffering and improve their quality of life.
  7. Myth: Burying grief and keeping busy is the best coping strategy.
    Truth: Grief cannot be ignored or suppressed indefinitely. By engaging in the recovery process, you can find acceptance and move forward.
  8. Myth: Redirecting attention from sadness to pleasant memories is helpful.
    Truth: Those who express their grief need empathetic listeners, not redirection. Honor their need to share their pain.
  9. Myth: Time heals all wounds.
    Truth: Time alone does not heal pain; it is the actions taken during that time that matter.
  10. Myth: Avoiding future pets is the best way to protect oneself from pain.
    Truth: While the pain of loss is inevitable, welcoming another pet into your life can bring hope and joy when the time is right.
  11. Myth: Children handle pet loss easily and forget quickly.
    Truth: Children experience the loss of a pet deeply, and their feelings should not be disregarded or underestimated.
  12. Myth: Shielding children from the truth is best.
    Truth: Openly sharing the truth about the pet’s fate prevents additional pain and misguided blame.
  13. Myth: Pets don’t mourn the loss of other pets.
    Truth: Some animals form strong bonds and display mourning behaviors similar to humans.
  14. Myth: There’s no need for a step-by-step emotional journey.
    Truth: Grieving is a complex process, and understanding the stages of grief helps you comprehend and navigate your emotions.

If you still hold onto any of these myths, Robin Jean Brown’s comforting guide is precisely what you need.

Instant Support at Your Fingertips

This special guide is available for instant download in ebook format, allowing you to access its valuable content immediately. No more waiting in line at bookstores or for deliveries to arrive.

Within minutes, you can start reading and find solace during this difficult time.

Discover Hope and Healing as You:

  1. Explore the depth of your relationship with your pet through a comforting worksheet.
  2. Uncover the true extent of your love for your pet, warming your heart in the process.
  3. Gain insight into your pet’s personality, breed, health, and discover good rescue organizations.
  4. Work through the denial stage of grief, where occasional forgetfulness turns into painful reminders.
  5. Release unnecessary guilt and uncover underlying beliefs that hinder healing.
  6. Learn about animal hospice care and how to provide a dignified farewell to your beloved pet.
  7. Embrace the possibility of a new pet after navigating the stages of grief.

Robin Jean Brown, having experienced the profound bond between humans and animals firsthand, has created this guide as a personal and empathetic companion. Unlike clinical or overly sad resources, her workbook-style questions will help you progress through your grief.

Her ebook presents a revolutionary approach called “ROAR” that empowers you to cope with pet loss. Let’s hear from Robin herself about this technique:

“Grief can make us feel helpless, but by accepting our circumstances, we can embark on a journey of renewed commitment to life. Beyond the five stages of grief lies the opportunity to ROAR into a new existence.”

Robin Jean Brown promises that after embracing the “ROAR” method, you will rediscover joy, banish guilt, denial, and anger, and restore emotional well-being.

Take the First Step towards Healing Today.

So, if you have experienced the loss of your beloved pet, are you ready to embrace life again and achieve emotional well-being?

Continue reading to discover the author’s personal experience, which may resonate with your own. In Robin’s guide, “How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery,” you’ll uncover valuable insights that will help you:

  1. Respect and acknowledge your loss and grief.
  2. Embrace your current reality and accept your emotions.
  3. Affirm yourself and find strength in your journey.
  4. Reclaim your life and find hope and happiness once more.

In addition to the unconditional love and affection that our pets provide, there are also medical benefits associated with pet ownership.

Pets teach us about responsibility, love, and help us interact with others. Children especially benefit from having pets as they learn how to care for another being.

Growing up with a pet often instills a sense of responsibility and compassion, shaping us into caring adults. Pets also teach us valuable lessons about happiness and can reduce stress levels, fostering a love and interest in other lives regardless of our circumstances.

For some people, their pets are more than just companions; they are seen as life partners or children. If you consider your lost pet as a family member, you may choose to hold a more formal service, opt for burial over cremation, or engage in activities that honor your pet’s memory, such as purchasing memorial items or participating in fundraising activities related to animals.

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the author of the groundbreaking book “On Death and Dying,” defined a five-stage grief process: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, and acceptance. Robin Jean Brown will guide you through each stage, providing effective methods to help you cope and heal. Her invaluable guide also reveals:

  1. How to determine the right time to euthanize your pet, ensuring a humane passing and providing emotional support for both you and your pet during this difficult time.
  2. Understanding the intense hurt and pain you may be experiencing, reassuring you that your feelings are valid and normal.
  3. How to support a child grieving the loss of a pet, avoiding common mistakes and helping them cope and recover fully.
  4. Strategies for seeking help from others, as many people may dismiss or fail to understand the depth of your pain. Robin provides insights and an action plan to build your support group.
  5. Overcoming pre-loss grief, when you know your pet’s death is inevitable. Robin shares techniques to make the most of the time you have left with your pet.
  6. Exploring the various options when a pet passes away, including cremation, pet cemetery burial, at-home burial, pet preservation, veterinary disposal, and alternative memorials. Understanding these choices will bring you peace of mind and guide you through this necessary but unpleasant task.

Additionally, Robin goes the extra mile to show you how to help your loved ones grieve, offering warmth, understanding, and practical advice.

While you may have read numerous books on pet loss, you may have found them ineffective. The key is to take action and actively work through your grief. Robin’s guide provides detailed journaling questions throughout, guiding you through the grieving process.

Even if you haven’t yet experienced the inevitable loss of your pet, investing in this guide is worthwhile for your peace of mind. Being prepared and learning how to cherish each precious moment with your pet is a wise choice.

How much does this valuable information cost to help you navigate your grief and honor your pet’s memory?

It’s an affordable investment of just $17.

This guide is designed to bring calm to your storm of grief, offering a breath of fresh air when you feel overwhelmed. You can have instant access to the guide and start reading within a minute of purchasing.

Yes! Don’t wait to get your hands on Robin Jean Brown’s brand new guide. Discover how to respect your loss and grief, own your reality, affirm yourself, and reclaim your life, all for the low price of $17, which is fully refundable if you’re not satisfied.

Upon signing up, you will be directed to a special download page where you can access the guide immediately.

We offer a 100% no-risk guarantee. If you’re not completely pleased with what you receive, you can contact the author within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked. You can get your money back for any reason, ensuring a risk-free experience.

By getting Robin’s precious guide, you will gain the tools to handle the changes that come your way, understand what you want out of life, survive the loss, and ultimately find happiness. If you know someone who has recently lost their pet and feels helpless, consider gifting them “How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery” as a way to show your love and care.

What customers say?

“…it will help so many people during this time.”

I wanted to say you did a great job on this book…. You have done a wonderful job and I think it will help so many people during this time.

(greyson/gizmo’s mom)

“Truly a treasure…”

I had the opportunity to read this book a week before we had to help
our Bear pass on. It brought me so much comfort and hope that words will never adequately express my gratitude. Truly a treasure and one I will recommend to friends and family who are also experiencing the grief of losing a beloved furbaby.

Thank you so much, Robin.

Hollie Jackson

“It will help you”

I’m thankful that Robin wrote this. Please read How to ROAR if you’re hurting from your pet’s death. It will help you through the pain.

Janice Stevens

“I never knew how to truly overcome the grief, until I’ve read your book.”

I’ve owned many pets from the age of 5. They’ve left me one by one. And I never know how to truly overcome the grief, until I’ve read your book. Next time, I’ll be prepared for such loss!

Epi A.
Darwin, Australia

Journaling Questions Helped a Reader

Robin, I have to tell you that I am amazed at how once I started writing, I couldn’t stop, the words just kept flowing and I really think just releasing those words made me feel better.

Donna L.
(From email received)

“I was comforted”

After I lost my darling cat, I was desperately searching for a book to ease my pain. My son got me Robin’s ebook and printed it out for me. I cried when I was reading and filling out the questions, but it comforted me and healed me. I was comforted to know that Robin Jean Brown went through the same pain that I went through. We were both so close to our pets. They were soulmates.

Paula Matthews

In the years to come, this treasured work will serve as a lasting and comforting guide to you, your children, friends, relatives, and future generations, providing successful pet loss mourning and recovery strategies.

Sincerely, John Bash Publisher

P.S. Remember, you have nothing to lose with our 3-month trial offer. If you feel that “How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery” hasn’t helped you, simply request a refund within 60 days and receive a full refund with no conditions or fine print.